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Impact Of Non State Actors On World Politics

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The Impact of Non-State Actors on World Politics….A challenge to Nation State.


In essence I will not be focusing merely on the one indispensable facet of the topic rather my term paper will enclose a cosmic argument build around the following statement:-

1. Non-state actors …Spring of upbeat brunt or off-putting bang on nation state!



Non-state armed groups have immerged in recent years as a current topic for policy making due to the growing interactions between state and non-state entities at regional and international level. With the passing of cold war and increasing pressure towards democratization and the respect for human rights, states have been facing mounting pressure from civil society groups and MNC's, both of whom challenge the preeminence of state institutions in the directions of public affairs. At time, the non-state actors have turned violent, engaged in the use of military force to seek greater political influence in national and global affairs.(Claude, 2010). Most benign non-state actors originate in the developed world, work within the framework provided by Western institutions and regimes, and act as propagators of "western values" such as free markets, environmental protection, and human rights.(National Intellegence Council, 2007).The increasing number of international organizations is parallel to the increasing levels of economic, political, social and cultural transactions between individuals, societies and states. The growth of so many kinds of non-state actors challenges and even weakens the "state-centric" concept of international politics and replaces it with a "transnational" system in which relationships are more complex. These organizations changed the international environment. The proliferation of non-state actors has recently led some observers of international relations to conclude that states are declining in importance a...


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