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Autor:  andrew  23 September 2011
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Climate ‘Science" Gone Wild: UK Researchers to Pump Toxic Sulfates into the Sky to Promote Global Cooling

Weather Scientist in the UK claim they can control the weather at will. They claim by pumping

Toxic sulfate particles into the sky it will reflect natural sunlight back into space thus cooling the Earth

and a defending it against global warming. The group known as SPICE, or Stratospheric Particle Injection

for Climate Change Engineering, has been funded and will begin to build a giant pipe supported by a

giant hydrogen balloon that pumps water and sulfates a mile into the stratosphere. The pipe is

supposed to mimic the effects of a volcanic eruption, except it will cool the Earth instead of warm it up.

Here is my problem with this, in theory we are possibly experiencing Global Warming because of

the toxic emissions we have pumped into our atmosphere over a vast amount of time. Emissions such

as fumes from cars and factories to smaller things like aerosol hairspray. Now to fix the effects of all the

toxic chemicals we have "pumped" into our air that caused the damage in the first place, we are to

pump more toxic chemicals in the air to help fix it?

Take the $30,000 dollars you were funded for the pipe and invest in buying everyone a bike to

ride to work, or to implement better public transportation methods to cut down on toxic emissions.

Then take the fact that this "experiment" has not even been proven to work to reflect the heat away

from the Earth. The only thing that is a proven fact is that by pumping these toxic chemicals into the air

we will cause more damage. I assume after they pump these chemicals and the UK becomes the hottest

spot on Earth, instead of an area on the Equator, we will know this does not work. Unless Alaska is sick

of the snow and would like to become more like Hawaii....

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