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Sex, Lies, And Advertising

Autor:  vivawisconsin  08 November 2011
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“Can’t We Do Better?” Yes We Can.

In her essay “Sex, Lies, and Advertising,” writer and magazine editor Gloria Steinem reflects on one major element that has caused her a great amount of discontent within the editorial domain of women’s magazines; advertising. Although she is accepting of the fact that advertising has found a way to control and dictate the lives of Americans, she expresses great displeasure in the fact that all of women’s magazines are devoted to it. In order to change this seemingly eternal tradition, she began the publication of her own magazine, MS, in order to liberate women from the chains of manipulative advertising and to, for the first time, have an editorial dedicated to women in which they weren’t limited to domesticated and trivial features. Steinem has given accounts of first hand experiences of how she desired to make a change, how it was accomplished, and to what extent. She explains rather clearly how the advertising world is a difficult realm to revolutionize, yet, the reader cannot help but see her dedication and enthusiasm to making an impact on the lives of American women.

In creating MS, Steinem wanted to give women a place to go for both worldly information and feminine topics. MS decided too, however, that they wanted their magazine to not only advertise feminine products, but to also “convince makers of ‘people products’ used by both men and women but advertised mostly to men...

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