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Company Motivational Profile Paper

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This paper will explain the motivational strategies of the Disney Corporation. Learning Team B will examine the background of the company. The background of the company will include the history, the products and services offered, and the financial information for the last five years. The team will explain Disney's corporate culture and management. The corporate culture and management will include a mission statement, an organizational structure, and decision-making strategies. Also, an explanation of the motivational strategies in which Disney Corporation uses to motivate the employees will be provided. This paper will provide an analysis about what makes the company a positive experience for its employees and how the success of the motivational techniques is combined. The best practices will be determined from Disney's example and the team will decide on what needs improvement.

Company Motivational Profile Paper

The Disney Corporation has the innovation to follow a strong tradition to provide a high quality of excellence and standards with the products they offer. The corporation provides positive, hopeful, and aspiring entertainment for all generations to share. Disney has honor and respect for their employees and everyone in the corporation has fun laughing at themselves and their experiences. The subject that will be presented here is the Disney Corporation, its organizational culture and management, organizational structure, decision-making strategies, motivational strategies, and analysis and recommendations for improvement.

Background of the Industry

Brief History

The Disney Corporation was founded by Walt Disney in 1923 as a cartoon studio and has grown to become an international, diversified, family entertainment and media center. They are committed to producing entertainment based on creative content and exceptional story-telling. Disney became famous with the creation of Mickey Mouse and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which we...

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